Updates/Insights into the case of Maj Kit Martin shared by Military Defense Attorney, Kyle Fischer

Updates/Insights into the case of Maj Kit Martin shared by Military Defense Attorney, Kyle Fischer http://www.kylesfischer.com/ucmj_attorney.html

“So, in this case, we have a woman who (1) told her oldest son that his father was decapitated in a logging accident, which is a lie in that he is actually alive, (2) failed to divorce her husband before marrying the accused officer in this case and pleaded guilty to felony bigamy and entered a pretrial diversion program, (3) was found not credible at a temporary protective order review by a civilian judge when an attorney who had no connection to the case volunteered to testify and tell the judge that the woman was coaching her children on what to say, (4) who took a concealed carry firearms class with 3 other individuals, one of whom being her alleged lover was found shot multiple times in the upper torso and the other two found burned in a car, (5) who has been alleged to have threatened to ruin the the life of the accused if he divorced her, (6) whose initial complaint was that the accused was a spy and that she and her alleged lover found a laptop containing top secret information on it, (7) who after the accused officer being cleared by Army counter intel for being a spy, then claimed for the first time that she and her children from other men were physically and sexual abused by the accused officer, and (8) the Government drops the charges involving the alleged abuse against her the day before trial, which a witness testified at a UCI motion’s hearing months ago that she overheard the prosecutors saying that she is not credible. This woman is connected to each and every one of these charges in this court-martial against an Officer who (1) has no blemishes on his record prior to him wanting to divorce his presumed wife, (2) who CID could not find another alleged victim of abuse (even after interviewing his 1st wife) and (3) by all accounts is a man of great personal integrity and faith. My two questions are (1) was Mike Nifong actually disbarred, and if not (2) did he join the Army JAG Corps and is now stationed at Ft. Campbell as a prosecutor in the case of US v. Martin? When the dust settles and MAJ Martin is vindicated, this case needs to be investigated to determine how it made it’s way into a courtroom.”

Maj Martin’s wrongful court martial is still currently in progress and is scheduled to complete this week. We ask for everyone to keep Maj Kit Martin, and his family, in their thoughts and prayers.

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