SAPR message missed the mark

SAPR message missed the mark.

“We recently posted a series of photos about Lakenheath Victim Advocates that received an emotional response. We took the album down for two reasons: one, I think we missed the mark on this piece, and two, the comments on this were getting out of control. Make no doubt, I support these Airmen who are Victim Advocates. They are putting themselves into incredibly delicate and uncomfortable situations to take care of their teammates. Airmen reaching out to Airmen in need. What a noble calling. The story attempted to show that VAs are from all walks of life thereby engendering victims to feel comfortable reaching out to a VA if they’re in need. Personally, I don’t see colors, or sex, or any other lifestyle discriminators when I look around this Wing. I see Airmen…and I measure those Airmen on their performance alone, not some qualifier. Regardless of your past, it’s what you bring to the fight that’s important. We didn’t convey that properly. It’s my fault, and that’s part of the reason we took the story down. That said, I’m dismayed by the response of those who resorted to ad hominen attacks on their fellow teammates. I look around and see an endless demand on our ability to bring Airpower to the fight…we have no excess capacity. And when we resort to the type of behavior seen online in response to these photos, it hurts the team. We should be bigger than that.Now let’s get back to work”.

– Col Novotny, Commander, 48th Fighter Wing

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