Forget “Aim High” … the new Air Force slogan ought to be, “screw up, move up.”

Forget “Aim High” … the new Air Force slogan ought to be, “screw up, move up.”

Brig. Gen. Mark Camerer – who oversaw the excesses of the Lackland sex scandal as commander of the 37th Training Wing – has been selected for another assignment. This lackluster senior leader is responsible for the persecution of countless Military Training Instructors, and he personally ruined the career of Lt. Col. Craig Perry – apparently as a favor to his notoriously toxic enforcer, Col. Debbie Liddick.

Brig. Gen. Robert LaBrutta also had a hand in the shenanigans at Lackland as the Joint Base San Antonio commander. He was the convening authority for a number of controversial courts-martial, including that of Maj. Michael Turpiano. He also hounded CMSgt Eric Soluri – as well as his former squadron commander – out of the Air Force for no good reason.

LaBrutta is assuming command of Second Air Force, following in the footsteps of Maj. Gen. Mark Brown and Maj. Gen. Leonard Patrick – senior leaders whose primary claim to fame is their unprincipled ineptitude and abuse of authority.

Clearly, Secretary of Defense Carter hasn’t read Lt. Col. Perry’s memoir, “Never Leave an Airman Behind: How the Air Force Faltered and Failed in the Wake of the Lackland Sex Scandal.” If he had, he never would have promoted these mediocrities to positions of even greater influence.

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