Military Sexual Assault Prevention

Major Clarence Anderson III

“Hello friends and family of my son, Major Clarence Anderson III. The last post was a blog from the Community of the Wrongfully Accused, and it made mention of there being more to Clarence's story and even gave a few possibilities on what else could be behind his wrongful conviction. Since nothing could be further from the truth, for the first time ever, I wanted to share Clarence's side of the [...]

Everyone is becoming a victim in the Air Force

Everyone is becoming a victim in the Air Force…  “It also validates what many have argued for a long time now: that the Air Force isn’t capable of responsibly conducting its own legal system. This is the case because it’s not an organization governed by laws, principles, and values so much as a node of government power led by morally flexible bureaucrats galloping between and among fashionable causes, some internally cherished [...]

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SAPR message missed the mark

SAPR message missed the mark. "We recently posted a series of photos about Lakenheath Victim Advocates that received an emotional response. We took the album down for two reasons: one, I think we missed the mark on this piece, and two, the comments on this were getting out of control. Make no doubt, I support these Airmen who are Victim Advocates. They are putting themselves into incredibly delicate and uncomfortable situations [...]

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