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Chief Warrant Officer Aaron W. Woods branded “Cyber Terrorist”

“What the Coast Guard did was both a crime and an act of terrorism. It was designed to result in the violent destruction of CDR Strickland’s personal life and career; and to spread terror in the hearts and minds of other officers, cadets, and personnel for the purpose of coercion to make them change their minds and actions when they consider reporting acts of sexual harassment or assault, as it is [...]

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Colonel Christopher Huisman

Col Christopher Huisman Colonel Christopher Huisman has been described as a snake by some of his subordinates and it stands for good reason. "Not long after the inquiry opened, Colonel Christopher Huisman, commander of the squadron to which Turpiano (as well as his accuser and virtually every other witness in the case) belonged, issued a broad no-contact order. The directive contained a list of 38 names, preventing Turpiano from enlisting [...]

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