False Allegations

Joan Adele Harmon, aka Joan Adele Harmon-Guerra

More and more details on the case of Major Kit Martin and the never ending lies told by Major Martin’s, now convicted felon ex-bigamist-wife; Joan Adele Harmon, aka Joan Adele Harmon-Guerra “Take the curious case of Major Kit Martin. His assumed "wife" told her oldest son that his father was decapitated in a logging accident. Turns out that the man is alive and still is in possession of his head. She [...]

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Money For Lies

Money For Lies Paying for lies cannot be the way we achieve justice. Although these payments--Transitional Compensation--are designed to help real victims of sexual/domestic abuse, the military uses them to secure wrongful convictions. The following example happened at Lackland AFB, which was commanded by Brigadier General Robert D. LaBrutta at the time. Office of Special Investigations (OSI) arrested A1C K for drug use in 2015. However, not satisfied with the drug charge [...]

Investigative Report: Major Kit Martin

"If you divorce me, I will ruin your career. I will ruin your life. I know how to do it." So said the vindictive ex-"wife" (Joan Harmon) of MAJ Chris "Kit" Martin, a master aviator and Army Ranger who faces court-martial May 9 at Fort Campbell, Ky. “A careful, months-long investigation by our staff shows the vengeful female apparently has big problems telling the truth. Not only do relatives and family [...]

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Fort Hood Nightmare

From the Inbox, Save Our Heroes was asked to share this tragic story to let others know the nightmare that this military family has endured. “My husband was a MSG at Fort Hood with 19 years 8 months in the Army when he was court martialed. His ex-wife and daughter accused him of molestation 4 years prior. The prosecutor dug until he found any little thing to make my husband look [...]

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The Accused the Unacknowledged Victim of the Military’s Robust Prosecution of Sexual Assault

The Accused the Unacknowledged Victim of the Military’s Robust Prosecution of Sexual Assault. This is an excellent read for those in the military, are considering joining or anyone for that matter. Click the link, article starts on page 8, please read this will give you one hell of an education. What happens to someone accused of a crime? “When military authorities act to dispose of cases, it is important to be [...]

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The Case of CDR Benjamin Strickland

A different time, but the same corruption... Such was the case of CDR Ben Strickland, a military man who was punished for helping a victim of sexual assault. CDR Strickland was a highly decorated officer in the U.S. Coast Guard with a promising career ahead of him, however, that all came to an abrupt halt when a young Sailor/victim of sexual assault approached him for help. Despite working in an environment [...]

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The Military has too Many Jackie Coakley Stories

In November of 2014, Rolling Stone’s published its infamous “A Rape on Campus” article, penned by Sabrina Erdely. The article described a brutal account of a violent gang rape by the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity at the University of Virginia; the rape was presented as a fraternity initiation for new pledges. This story was written from the point-of-view of the “victim”, Jackie Coakley. At first, moral outrage rocked the country and [...]

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