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Lackland sex scandal – The Witch-Hunt of Technical Sergeant Kyle Billiot

“Here’s something you don’t see every day… at least not during the Lackland sex scandal. Three years ago, a military judge sentenced Technical Sergeant Kyle Billiot to 60 days confinement, reduction to E-1, and a bad conduct discharge. But this Military Training Instructor got an unexpected reprieve. It turns out the defense had reached a plea deal with prosecutors before the trial, allowing their client to serve no more than 45 [...]

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Major Clarence Anderson III

“Hello friends and family of my son, Major Clarence Anderson III. The last post was a blog from the Community of the Wrongfully Accused, and it made mention of there being more to Clarence's story and even gave a few possibilities on what else could be behind his wrongful conviction. Since nothing could be further from the truth, for the first time ever, I wanted to share Clarence's side of the [...]

Joan Adele Harmon, aka Joan Adele Harmon-Guerra

More and more details on the case of Major Kit Martin and the never ending lies told by Major Martin’s, now convicted felon ex-bigamist-wife; Joan Adele Harmon, aka Joan Adele Harmon-Guerra “Take the curious case of Major Kit Martin. His assumed "wife" told her oldest son that his father was decapitated in a logging accident. Turns out that the man is alive and still is in possession of his head. She [...]

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Money For Lies

Money For Lies Paying for lies cannot be the way we achieve justice. Although these payments--Transitional Compensation--are designed to help real victims of sexual/domestic abuse, the military uses them to secure wrongful convictions. The following example happened at Lackland AFB, which was commanded by Brigadier General Robert D. LaBrutta at the time. Office of Special Investigations (OSI) arrested A1C K for drug use in 2015. However, not satisfied with the drug charge [...]

ADC should not be trusted unless

“Attorneys of ADC should not be trusted unless they are properly scrutinized and reviewed. It might be possible to find someone who has a strong work ethic who will truly fight for your best interest regardless of what the higher Air Force demands. However, assuming you can trust anyone at ADC and letting your guard down is extremely detrimental to your career. Remember, although it is against their official code of [...]

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Air Force Inspector General

On the Air Force Inspector General (IG) “The explanation is simple. This mechanism often exists in organizations to give people the feeling they have control, and to make their authority seem legitimate. The appearance of legitimacy is important for the functioning of organizations. They do this as a failsafe against the masses defying them and making even more problems. This concept has been applied for centuries. The system must offer a [...]

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Interacting with the ADC

“Interacting with the ADC is very often not in the best interest of the airmen who are in conflict with the Air Force. The reasons for this are simple. ADC is well under the influence of the greater Air Force – a clear conflict of interest. They are not paid by their clients and therefore have no financial incentive to do a good job for the airman. Regardless of how poorly [...]

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Technical Sgt. Steven D. Bellino

More details emerge on the recent Lackland Shooting. The Air Force hasn’t said much about Technical Sgt. Steven D. Bellino, the Lackland gunman who killed his commander last month, but those who knew him say he was a cool-headed, intelligent and devoted military professional with a heroic service record as a Green Beret in Afghanistan. Awaiting court-martial at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, he launched a little-noticed website, “Battlefield Airmen Beware — [...]

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Investigative Report: Major Kit Martin

"If you divorce me, I will ruin your career. I will ruin your life. I know how to do it." So said the vindictive ex-"wife" (Joan Harmon) of MAJ Chris "Kit" Martin, a master aviator and Army Ranger who faces court-martial May 9 at Fort Campbell, Ky. “A careful, months-long investigation by our staff shows the vengeful female apparently has big problems telling the truth. Not only do relatives and family [...]

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